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Bemidji State University offers undergraduate degrees, majors, minors and emphasis for you to earn baccalaureates, certificates, licensures, and professional degrees. We have three distinct colleges that offer their own character and academic programs. Our integrative programs also award associate and bachelor’s degrees in a variety of interdisciplinary fields.

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Program Degree Minor Emphasis Lic./Cert. Delivery Method
Accounting BS On-campus & Online
Accounting: Fraud Examination On-campus & Online
Alcohol and Drug Counselor Certificate Cert. On-Campus
Art & Design BS    On-Campus
Applied Engineering (transfer credits required) BAS On-Campus & Online
Applied Public Policy On-Campus
Applied Management (transfer credits required) BAS On-campus & Online
Aquatic Biology: Aquatic Systems BS On-Campus
Aquatic Biology: Fisheries Biology BS On-Campus
Aquatic Biology: Wetlands Ecology BS On-Campus
Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology: Biochemistry BS On-Campus
Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular: Cellular and Molecular Biology BS On-Campus
Biology BS & BA On-Campus & Off-site at North Hennepin CC
Biology: Cellular and Molecular Biology BS On-Campus
Biology: Medical Sciences BS On-Campus
Business Administration On-campus & Online
Business Administration: Business Management BS On-Campus
Business Administration: Entrepreneurship BS On-Campus
Business Administration: Finance BS On-Campus
Business Administration: Indigenous Nations and Marketing BS On-Campus
Business Administration: Marketing BS On-Campus
Chemistry BS & BA On-Campus
Chemistry: Biochemistry BS On-Campus
Chemistry: Biochemistry/ Biotechnology BS On-Campus
Chemistry: Criminalistics BS On-Campus
Chemistry: Environmental Chemistry BS On-Campus
Coaching Cert. On-Campus
Communication Studies On-Campus
Community Health BS On-Campus
Computer Information Systems BS On-Campus
Computer Science BS On-Campus
Creative & Professional Writing BFA On-Campus
Criminal Justice On-campus & Online
Criminal Justice: Corrections BS On-Campus & Online
Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement BS On-Campus & Online (license required)
Criminal Justice: Tribal Justice BS On-Campus & Online
Criminal Justice: Victimology BS On-Campus & Online
Design On-Campus
Design: Exhibit Design BS On-Campus
Design: Graphic Design BS On-Campus
Design: Model Design BS On-Campus
Design: Studio Arts BS On-Campus
Developmental/Adapted Physical Education Lic. On-Campus
Digital Writing On-Campus
DLiTE Elementary Education BS Lic. Online/hybrid
Earth Science On-Campus
Economics BS On-Campus
Elementary Education BS Lic. On-Campus
Elementary Education: Communication Arts & Literature Endorsement BS On-Campus
Elementary Education: Mathematics Endorsement BS On-Campus
Elementary Education: Pre-Primary Endorsement BS Lic. On-Campus
Elementary Education: Science Endorsement BS Lic. On-Campus
Elementary Education: Social Studies Endorsement BS Lic. On-Campus
Engineering Technology BS On-Campus
English BA On-Campus
English Education BS Lic. On-Campus
English: Writing On-Campus
Environmental Studies On-Campus
Environmental Studies: Ecosystems BS On-Campus
Environmental Studies: Environmental Health and Toxicology BS On-Campus
Environmental Studies: Environmental Policy and Planning BS On-Campus
Environmental Studies: Geohydrology BS On-Campus
Environmental Studies: Industrial Ecology BS On-Campus
Exercise Science: Fitness Leadership and Promotion BS On-Campus
Exercise Science: Medical Fitness BS On-Campus
FasTrack PostBac Lic.  Online/hybrid
Gender and Women’s Studies On-Campus
Geographic Information Systems On-Campus
Geography BA On-Campus
Geography On-campus & Online
Geography: Geographic Information System BS On-Campus
Geography: Physical Geography BS On-Campus
Geography: Planning BS On-Campus
Geology On-Campus
Health Education BS Lic. On-Campus
Health Promotion and Education On-Campus
History BS & BA On-Campus
Human Performance On-Campus
Humanities On-Campus
Indigenous Studies BA Cert. On-Campus
Individualized Studies BS On-Campus
International Studies BA On-Campus
Leadership Cert. On-Campus
Lean Six Sigma Cert. On-campus & Online
Liberal Studies BA On-Campus
Management Information Systems On-Campus
Marketing & Communications BS On-campus & Online
Mass Communications BS On-Campus
Mathematics On-Campus
Mathematics Education BS Lic. On-Campus
Mathematics: Actuarial BS On-Campus
Mathematics: Applied BS On-Campus
Mathematics: General BS On-Campus
Medical Laboratory Sciences BS On-Campus
Music BA On-Campus
Music Education: Instrumental/classroom K-12 Specialization BS Lic. On-Campus
Music Education: Vocal/classroom K-12 Specialization BS Lic. On-Campus
Music: Instrumental Performance BA On-Campus
Music: Jazz Studies BA On-Campus
Music: Piano Performance and Pedgagogy BA On-Campus
Music: Vocal Performance BA On-Campus
Nursing BS On-Campus
Ojibwe On-Campus
Ojibwe Language Instruction Cert. On-Campus
Philosophy On-Campus
Physical Education BS Lic. On-Campus
Physics On-Campus
Political Science BA On-Campus
Pre-Chiropractic On-Campus
Pre-Dentistry On-Campus
Pre-Engineering On-Campus
Pre-Law On-Campus
Pre-Medicine On-Campus
Pre-Mortuary Science On-Campus
Pre-Occupational Therapy On-Campus
Pre-Optometry On-Campus
Pre-Osteopathic Medicine On-Campus
Pre-Pharmacy On-Campus
Pre-Physical Therapy On-Campus
Pre-Physician Assistant On-Campus
Pre-Podiatric Medicine On-Campus
Pre-Veterinary Medicine On-Campus
Project Management On-campus & Online
Project Management: Construction and Facility Management BS On-Campus
Project Management: Operations Management BS On-Campus
Project Management: Product Development BS On-Campus
Psychology BS & BA On-campus & Online
Red Cross Community First Aid Cert. On-Campus
Red Cross First Aid Responder Certification Cert. On-Campus
School Social Work Preparation and Licensure Cert. On-Campus
Science Education: Chemistry Specialty BS On-Campus
Science Education: Earth and Space Science Speciality BS On-Campus
Science Education: Life Science Speciality BS On-Campus
Science Education: Physics BS On-Campus
Social Studies BS Lic. On-Campus
Social Studies: Econ/ Pol Sci/ Soc/ Anth: Broad Field Emphasis  BA  
Social Studies: Economics BA On-Campus
Social Studies: Geography BS On-Campus
Social Studies: History BA On-Campus
Social Studies: Political Science On-Campus
Social Studies: Psychology BS On-Campus
Social Studies: Sociology-Anthropology BA On-Campus
Social Work BS On-Campus
Sociology BA On-Campus
Space Studies On-Campus
Spanish BA On-Campus
Spanish Education BS Lic. On-Campus
Sport Management BA On-Campus
Studio Arts On-Campus
Substance and Behavior Addictions On-Campus
Sustainability On-Campus
Technology Manager Cert. On-campus & Online
Wetlands Ecology On-Campus
Wilderness Management and Outdoor Recreation Planning BAS On-Campus
Wildlife Biology BS On-Campus

Bachelor of Science (BS), Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), On Campus is face to face courses where some online courses may be available or required, online must be completed entirely online.

College of Arts, Education & Humanities

English Music
History Philosophy
Humanities Program Professional Education (Teaching)
 FasTrack PostBac
Languages & Ethnic Studies Technology, Art & Design

College of Business, Mathematics and Science

Aquatic Biology Chemistry
Biology Computer Science
Business Administration Marketing Assistance & Research Solutions (MARS)
Department of Accountancy Mathematics
Department of Integrated Media Physics

College of Individual and Community Health

Center for Sustainable Studies Human Performance, Sport & Health
Criminal Justice Nursing
Economics Political Science
Environmental Studies Psychology
Geology  Social Work
Geography  Sociology

School of Graduate Studies

Biology (MS) Elementary & Middle Level
Mathematics Education (MS)
Business Administration (MBA) English (MA)
Education (MS Education) English (MS)
Education (Master in Special Education) Environmental Studies (MS)
Education (Master in Applied Teaching)

Integrative Programs

Honors Program Liberal Education Program
Humanities Program Liberal Studies
Indigenous Studies Pre-Professional Studies
International Studies Religious Studies
Law School Early Admission Social Studies
Leadership Studies  Women’s Studies Gender Studies