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Graduate Admission

A student may be admitted to graduate study who has earned a bachelor's degree from a college or university accredited by the appropriate regional or national accrediting agency. Contact the School of Graduate Studies for graduate admission procedures and forms.

Students with an undergraduate grade point average below 2.75 may be admitted on a provisional basis. For students admitted provisionally, a "B" (3.00) average must be attained for the first eight (8) semester hours of resident graduate work attempted. Workshop grades will not be used to determine overall GPA during the first eight (8) semester hours.

Students who are within eleven (11) semester hours of satisfying undergraduate degree requirements may petition to take course work at the graduate level (i.e. 5000 level courses). Graduate course work cannot be applied toward satisfying undergraduate degree requirements. Approval must be obtained in advance of registration for a graduate course.

Applications should be received at least five weeks prior to the anticipated term of initial enrollment. International students should contact the International Program Office to receive application materials and information.

Graduate Special Student Admission

Students seeking graduate education for the purpose of personal or professional enrichment, and/or licensure without a planned master's degree objective, may also enroll with special student status. Admission as a graduate special student requires that a student has graduated from a regionally accredited college or university.

Graduate Special Student Application forms will require a $20 application fee, but do NOT require official transcripts, the Graduate Record Examination, or letters of recommendation. Students admitted as special students who subsequently decide to pursue a master's degree are required to complete a separate application for admission.

You can apply as a Graduate Special Student, by completing the online  form or downloading the print form. Graduate Special Student Application