Review the updated information on how to obtain approvals and signatures from the Academic Deans and the Executive Cabinet members.

Faculty and staff should follow the attached directions when forwarding forms for signature.

updated August 18, 2023

Form Approval Process


  • Download forms Academic Affairs or Business Services before typing into them. (Unless it is an online submission form.)
  • Utilize staff to move your form through the approvals process. When in doubt, ask your staff/admin person.
  • Contact to learn which staff person is assigned to your area or review reporting areas.

Do Not:

  • Do not CC all potential & future signatories and the final recipient when forwarding to the next signatory.
  • Please do not use the “shotgun approach” by CC’ing everyone who may possibly need to approve your form. Doing so creates duplicate forms & efforts, which takes time to untangle.

Only DocuSign envelopes, such as those programmed through Marketplace or the Grants Office, will continue to be sent directly to the individual signatory.

Form Routing

Review the updated process for obtaining signatures from the Deans or Administration.

Obtaining Dean Signatures

Send any form requiring a signature from the Deans listed below to

  • MaryTheresa Seig (CAEH)
  • Jeff Bell (CICH)
  • Jeff Ueland (CBMS)
  • Diana Kostrzewski (NRSG)

Subject line must follow this format: College-Dept_Last Name_Topic


  • CBMS_ACCT_Doe _Travel_Ohio
  • CAEH_MUS_Smith_Expense

Do not CC individual deans or Misty Fear when forwarding documents for signature.

Once signed, documents will be forwarded to the next appropriate recipient.

Obtaining Administrator Signatures

Discontinue using the Academic Affairs Forms email box.

Any form requiring a signature from the Administrators listed below must be sent to

  • Allen Bedford (Academic Affairs)
  • Krisi Fenner (Finance & Administration)
  • Travis Greene (Student Life & Success)
  • Carola Thorson (Enrollment Management)

Subject line must follow this format: AdministratorLastName_College-Dept_LastName_Topic


  • Bedford_CBMS-ACCT_Doe_Travel-Wisconsin
  • Greene_Student-Success_Smith_SER_Start-Up

Do not CC individual Administrators, Sabrina Wille or Jennifer Johnson when submitting documents.

Once signed, documents will be forwarded to the next appropriate recipient and all previous signatories listed on the form will be CC’d on the outgoing email.

Hard copies may be dropped at the Student Worker Station by President’s Office or mailed to Box 3.

Obtaining VP for American Indian Student Success Signatures

For signatures from Chrissy Downwind, VP for American Indian Student Success, email forms to or stop by Chrissy’s office (AIRC 110A)

Obtaining Athletics Signatures

For signatures from Brittany Lauritsen, Athletic Director, email forms to

Obtaining HR Signatures


  • For any form for HR personnel.
  • For any form requiring Megan Zothman’s signature.

Obtaining the President’s Signature

Email forms to

  • You may also drop off hardcopy forms to the President’s Office Student Worker Desk in the lobby of the Administration Bay (3rd Floor Deputy)
  • Campus Mail forms to Jennifer Johnson, Box 3.
  • International Travel Requests that come up through the Deans Suite and VP Signatures will automatically be routed to the President’s Office for signature.