Educators can find a comprehensive collection of essential documents, forms and guidelines designed to streamline administrative tasks, support professional development and enhance the overall teaching experience at the university.

Courses and Curriculum

Find valuable information on course offerings, curriculum structures and departmental guidelines to help faculty plan and deliver effective and engaging courses for their students.

Protocols Regarding Course Caps

Learn about the university’s policy on course caps, which help maintain an optimal learning environment by limiting class sizes to ensure effective student-faculty interaction.

Course Fees & Differential Tuition

Access forms and resources related to course fees, differential tuition and the processes for submitting requests or proposals concerning course and program costs.

Curricular New Program / Forms

Faculty Development and Procedures

Discover a range of resources and guidelines designed to support faculty in their professional development, facilitate effective teaching strategies and streamline administrative processes.

Faculty Recruitment and Support

Review tools and materials that assist in faculty recruitment efforts, provide guidance on hiring procedures and offer support for faculty members during their onboarding and employment at the university.

Faculty Extra Duty Days Request Form

Request for Faculty Extra Duty Days


Stay up to date on the latest grant application guidelines, and access resources to assist in the preparation and submission of funding proposals for research and other academic projects.

New protocol as of March 21, 2021: When applying for external funding, please contact to inform the Grants & Sponsored Programs Office that you are preparing a proposal.

IFO Articles 22 and 25 Professional Development & Evaluation Schedule

Access evaluation schedules, promotion and tenure timelines and other important documents related to faculty performance, development and advancement within the university.

Sabbatical Leave Application

Review the sabbatical leave process, access application forms and find essential information about the timelines and expectations for faculty sabbatical leaves.


Find resources and forms to help facilitate student internships, including internship contracts, guidelines and collaboration with Career Services to ensure successful internship experiences.

Purchasing Card for IFO Professional Study and Travel

Form to Request using IFO Professional Study & Travel Funds (Order transaction using IFO Professional Travel and Study funds) to manage expenses related to professional development, study and travel and learn about the procedures for using these funds effectively and responsibly. Form must be attached to Purchase Card transactions and Marketplace requisitions.

Teaching Resources

Explore a variety of teaching resources, such as the Center for Professional Development, to help enhance your classroom strategies, incorporate innovative teaching methods and optimize student learning experiences.

Additional Resources

Academic Integrity Complaint

Template for Filing an Academic Integrity Complaint

No-Cost Guest Lecture/Presenter Contract

Graduate Student “Request to Survey BSU” Employees or Students

Grad Student Survey Request