Operation Statement On-Line Form Directions

You must choose to “SUBMIT” the form or “SAVE FOR LATER” before leaving the on-line form page. These options are found by scrolling to the bottom of the form. The form will NOT automatically save.

Sabrina/Form Administrator cannot view or retrieve any of your answers until you have submitted your form. Sabrina/Form Administrator cannot see your form/answers during the “Save for Later” stage.

If you need Sabrina/Form Administrator to safeguard or use your link to return to the form for additional work/edits, you must forward the emailed link to her. Sabrina/Form Administrator only sees the link if you send it to her.

Refrain from using the ENTER button on your keyboard to move from question to question. Hitting “ENTER” will SUBMIT the form prematurely. This is a feature of the on-line form and cannot be altered by the Form Administrator (Sabrina).