Communication Studies

If you are looking to improve your relational and professional skills, consider a minor in Communication Studies (COMM).







This minor is part of an exciting new program in Communication Studies;

The first ever of its kind here at BSU.

The program currently offers a minor and we plan to launch a major in the near future.

The Communication Studies minor complements any major or career path.

Booklet cover that reads: Why Study Communication? Pathways to Your Future

The Communication Studies minor prepares you to effectively examine how oral and written communication practices influence the lives of individuals, relationships, communities, and organizations in our ever-changing society.


Communication courses will help you become competent communicators by creating an environment that fosters participatory learning, encourages critical thinking, and examines human communication at both the theoretical and applied levels. This minor contributes to a liberal arts education as a solid foundation for a variety of technical, professional, and entrepreneurial careers.

The courses are listed in the class schedules under Communication Studies (COMM).  Learn more about the value of a degree in Communication Studies from the National Communication Association (NCA).


STRENGTHEN your personal relationships;

PREPARE for professional careers;

ENHANCE your academic skills;

ENGAGE with the community

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