Benjamin Ng

About NAME

My name is Ben Ng (pronounced “ung”) and I will be graduating this May with a double major in Exhibit and Graphic Design. Born and raised in the capital of Malaysia, pursuing my design passion in a small town within Northern Minnesota was a big step into the unknown. I quickly grew fond of the hidden gem that is the Exhibit Design program, as it opened up a whole new industry I never knew I would be passionate about. I find great satisfaction in providing design solutions that enrich our everyday lives, and I look forward to diving into the design industry as a career!

Presentation Description

I will be presenting recent work which demonstrates both my 3D and 2D skills. First of which is an exhibit concept in three sizes designed for the Michelin group to showcase not only their tire business but also their lesser-known culinary arm. Next, I will present a logo guideline for a new hazard symbol I have designed as a direct result of the covid-19 pandemic which inspired this project.

Social and Portfolio Links

To check out more of my work, feel free to visit my portfolio website at

Student Portfolio Presentation
  • Location: BN 253
  • First Session: 10:00-10:40 AM
  • Zoom Link: 928 6931 5171
Presentation Reviewers
  • Sasha Braverman
  • unassigned

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