MN Transfer Curriculum

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC)

Bemidji State is a proud member of the Minnesota State system of colleges and universities. We accept the MnTC and all courses designated in MnTC goal areas at the member schools.

If you have completed all 10 goal areas in the MnTC at a college or university, we will consider your BSU core curriculum requirements complete in transfer. Just like that, you can focus your efforts on your major coursework toward the BS, BA, or BAS degree of your choice.

If you haven’t quite completed the MnTC at your school, that’s totally fine! We will accept all courses in the MnTC individually. The designated goal area at the college is where the course will land at BSU. So if you took a course meeting goal area 4 (Math / Logical Reasoning) requirements at your college, that course will also land in goal area 4 at BSU.

Note that MnTC requirements between colleges may be different. While a minimum of 40 credits is common, there are differences in the number of credits required in each of the 10 goal areas.

Please let a BSU Transfer Advisor know if you have questions about MnTC, or about any other course transferability issue. We are happy to work with you before you complete your associate’s degree or MnTC, to help guide you to along the smoothest transfer path.