Self-Study Process


The campus began working toward continuing accreditation by organizing committees during fall semester 2017.  Our self-study will be completed by the end of fall semester 2018. We will write our assurance argument by the end of spring semester 2019. Our site visit is scheduled for October 14-15, 2019.


Our re-accreditation effort is guided by a steering committee that consists of two co-directors, co-chairs from each of the Criterion Committees, the Provost, and the head of our Data Team.

Five Criterion Committees, with faculty, staff, students, and administrators, are exploring the five areas specified by the HLC. Each Criterion Committee is charged with identifying evidence that we can use to establish that BSU meets the requirements of that criterion.

Data Team

In order to avoid duplication of effort and to establish an efficient means of collecting data, we have a separate Data Team which will advise the Criterion Committees, search for requested evidence, and serve as a clearing house for data requests. The Data Team consists of a variety of staff with have access to key data. For more details, see the Data Team web page.

Publicity Team

Because it is crucial to involve the entire campus in the re-accreditation process and also be ensure that everyone is aware of the important role our mission plays, a Publicity Team was formed to oversee HLC activities for a variety of constituents, general awareness of the self-study, and to sharpen our perception of the mission of the university. For more details, see the Publicity Team web page.