Steering Committee Members

  • Randy Westhoff (Academic Affairs, Administrative Co-director)
  • Marty J. Wolf (Computer Science, Faculty Co-director)
  • Rick Koch (Biology, Faculty Co-chair Criterion One)
  • Bill Blackwell (Director AIRC, Administrative Co-chair Criterion One)
  • Virgil Bakken (Integrated Media, Faculty Co-chair Criterion Two)
  • Jesse Grant (Dean of Students, Administrative Co-chair Criterion Two)
  • Andy Hafs (Biology, Faculty Co-chair Criterion Three)
  • Jim Barta (Dean CHSHE, Administrative Co-chair Criterion Three)
  • Nancy Hall (Nursing, Faculty Co-chair Criterion Four)
  • Colleen Greer (Dean CAS, Administrative Co-chair Criterion Four)
  • Jeff Ueland (Geography, Faculty Co-chair Criterion Five)
  • Lynn Johnson (Executive Director Extended Learning, Administrative Co-chair Criterion Five)
  • Doug Olney (Director Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Data Team Chair)
  • Scott Faust (Director Marketing Communication, Publicity Chair)
  • Michelle Frenzel (Executive Director Enrollment Management, Federal Compliance)
  • Tony Peffer (Provost)


Steering Committee Agendas & Minutes

December 7, 2017 None
February 19, 2018 February 19, 2018
March 30, 2018 March 30, 2018