Learn to build a rocket stove tonight at Sustainable Tuesdays

Sustainable Tuesdays, a weekly presentation on topics related to environmental and sustainability issues presented by the Bemidji State University Sustainability Office, will host a workshop to build a portable rocket stove out of soup cans on June 3.

Sustainable Tuesdays events are held from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Rail River Folk School, located at 303 Railroad St. SW in Bemidji. They are open free to the public unless otherwise noted.

June 3: Build a portable rocket stove from soup cans
Rocket stoves burn small sticks or other biomass fuel in a high-temperature combustion chamber. Rocket stoves ensure virtually complete consumption of the fuel, which leads to cleaner, more efficient burns that use only about half as much fuel as an open fire.

Natalie Gille will lead groups to complete several examples and show participants how to build a small rocket stove that can be used as a camp stove, for outdoor cooking or for an emergency preparedness kit.

Workshop participants are encouraged to bring their own regular #10 soup cans and safety glasses.

Sustainable Tuesdays are a partnership between Bemidji State’s Sustainability Office, the Indigenous Environmental Network, Minnesota GreenCorps and the Rail River Folk School. The Sustainable Tuesdays presentations aim to draw upon the strengths of the region’s diversity to create a sustainable Bemidji.

Sara Dennison, Minnesota GreenCorps Living Green representative , BSU Sustainability Office; (218) 755-3765
• Simone Senogles, Indigenous Environmental Network; (218) 751-4967, simone@ienearth.org

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