Bemidji State’s Sixth Annual Headwaters Film Festival Begins March 28

Bemidji State University’s student-run Headwaters Film Festival returns for its sixth year beginning March 28 and will feature guests Wyatt Weed, a director and actor for Pirate Pictures, and Gayle Gallagher, a producer for Pirate Pictures, and culminate with a screening of the 1985 Robert Zemeckis classic “Back to the Future.”

Bucky Abroad: Looking Back at the First Week of EuroSpring 2018

Sulis Minerva head on display at the Roman Baths in Bath, England

Bemidji State University’s Bucky the Beaver has wrapped up the first week of his EuroSpring adventure. Bucky, along with trip leader Dr. Tom Beech and 17 BSU students, flew across the pond to attend the University of Oxford for a five-week study abroad program.