Managing positions is one of the most critical functions of a supervisor. It sets the base level for understanding regarding what an employee is expected to accomplish and sets the parameters for appropriate compensation.

Position Descriptions

All position descriptions should be reviewed annually, preferably at the time of the employee’s performance evaluation. If the position description is up to date, indicate this on the evaluation form. If it is not, submit a revised position description with the evaluation so that Human Resources can maintain the proper documentation.

At a minimum, a new position description must be provided (with the employee’s and supervisor’s signature) every three years.

In addition a position description should be reviewed and/or updated in the following situations:

  • based on organizational need
  • when duties have changed significantly and/or
  • when the position becomes vacant

When submitting position descriptions to Human Resources include both an electronic copy as well as a paper copy.


Classified Positions

Classified positions include the AFSCME, MAPE, MMA, MNA, Commissioner’s Plan and Managerial Plan bargaining units.

Writing a Classified Position Description

  1. Access the Classified Position Description form.
  2. Definition of the different fields on the position description form.
  3. Review the current position description to determine what changes you need to make, if any. Ask the incumbent questions about their work and observe their work.
  4. Review/print the applicable Job Class Specification.
  5. Check with HR for examples of other position descriptions for positions performing similar work.
  6. Provide a paper copy along with an electronic copy of the updated, completed and signed position description to Human Resources.

Classified Position Documents

Unclassified Positions

Unclassified positions include the IFO, MSUAASF, MSCF and Administrators bargaining units.

Unclassified Position Documents