Tuition Waiver


The University and College offer a tuition waiver to employees who are eligible under their bargaining agreement.

DEADLINE: 10 DAYS AFTER THE START OF THE CLASS (No exceptions will be granted!) If no class date is specified (eg Independent Study), deadline is 10 days after the start of the respective semester/session.

Submitting tuition waiver requests using the new system is very simple. Just follow these steps.

1. Log in using your Star ID and password. Select your institution from the drop-down box.
2. Create and submit your tuition waiver request(s).
3. Check back in the Tuition Waiver system to see when the waiver is processed by HR.

If you are a user of the ISRS faculty web portal or eTimesheet, you will use the same StarID and password to gain access to the Tuition Waiver (TW) system. If you have not yet activated your StarID, please go to the StarID site.