Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Faculty Fellow

Dr. Hillary Barron serves as the Faculty Fellow for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Curriculum and Pedagogy (or DEI Faculty Fellow for short). The role was created as part of a university wide focus on promoting diversity, equity and inclusion on campus. There are numerous individuals and groups on our campus who are contributing to reducing the equity gaps on campus, and the role of the Faculty Fellow is narrowly defined, as the facilitator for all equity and inclusion related professional development for faculty.

Faculty Fellow Responsibilities

  1. Focus on Faculty — serve as resource person for equity in curriculum and pedagogy.
  2. Help faculty identify and meet equity related student needs
  3. Raise awareness of inclusive pedagogy and curriculum
  4. Continue to assess faculty needs as pertaining to DEI in the classroom and pedagogy

Our approach to understanding equity gaps and issues of diversity and inclusion on campus come from an intersectional perspective on understanding inequality. For faculty who want to work toward closing the equity gaps we recommend a pragmatic approach to incorporating such practices in curriculum and pedagogy — rather than seeing equity related work as an additional burden to take on, we focus on this work in incremental steps and focus on incorporating inclusive approaches to teaching and pedagogy in our work. The goal is to work towards creating a classroom and pedagogy where all student needs are being considered and met.

The Faculty Fellow organizes a number of programs and resources in the diversity, equity and inclusion area for faculty professional development.