New Faculty Information

Welcome aboard!

If you’re looking for help involving Professional Development Plans/Reports, Tenure and Promotion, finding an undergraduate teaching assistant, Pedagogy or anything else related to your professional development, chances are you can find it right here with us. If not, we are more than willing to work with you to find the answers to your questions.

Videos and Tutorials

The Center for Professional Development has put together a series of videos for new faculty members. These videos are a great reference for those looking for more insight about what Bemidji State University has to offer its faculty.

All new faculty are highly encouraged to view these short 5-15-minute videos about numerous intriguing topics involving the Center for Professional Development, what services we offer and many other topics.

What CPD Can Offer You

Dr. Debbie Guelda, introduces the Center for Professional Development and what we can offer you as a faculty member.

The 5 Contractual Criteria

Dr. Debbie Guelda, discusses the five contractual criterion:

  1. Resources Related to Teaching,
  2. Scholarly or Creative Achievement in Research,
  3. Evidence of Continuing Preparation and Study,
  4. Contributions to Student Growth and Development, &
  5. Service to the University and Community.

PDPs and PDRs

Dr. Debbie Guelda, helps explain where, when, how and why Professional Development Plans and Reports (PDPs and PDRs) are integrated into your life and future at Bemidji State University.

Creating Course Goals, Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Dr. Donna Pawlowski shares with faculty how to set up course goals, objectives and learning outcomes to create assignments and prepare syllabi.

BSU’s New Faculty Mentoring Program

Dr. Donna Pawlowski discusses BSU’s New Faculty Mentoring Program and the benefits of how a mentoring program can help you acclimate to the university and make connections across campus.

Importance of Assessment

Dr. Donna Pawlowski explains the importance of assessment, types of assessment and pedagogical strategies to assess and meet learning outcomes.

About Our Students

Dr. Keith Gora provides his perspective and a rundown of the student body at Bemidji State University and how new or returning faculty members could engage with them.

Undergraduate Teaching Associate Program (UTAP)

Dr. Keith Gora provides information on the Undergraduate Teaching Associate Program (UTAP) and how faculty members could utilize a TA in their classroom.

How to Write a Syllabus: Requirements

Dr. Rucha Ambikar details the required components of a course syllabus.

How to Write a Syllabus: Consider Including for Student Success

Dr. Rucha Ambikar discusses the policies, statements and resources to include in your course syllabus to encourage student success.

How to Write a Syllabus: For Inclusive Learning

Dr. Rucha Ambikar explores how to write your course syllabus in a way that optimizes inclusive learning for your students.