Diversity Certificate

The Center for Professional Development administers the Diversity Certificate for faculty professional development. This certificate is considered a continuous learning goal and should serve as the beginning of a life-long learning process in issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. Faculty are welcome to work on completing the Diversity Certificate multiple times over the course of their professional development at BSU.

The new 2021-2023 IFO contract outlines that each faculty member should engage in professional development aimed at reducing the equity gaps for our students and working towards a Diversity certificate gives faculty a tangible goal to fulfilling this contract requirement.

To earn a Diversity Certificate faculty should –

  • Attend 15 hours of programming (in person or online) in DEI areas of professional development
  • Within the 15 hours – 3 hours of focus on a particular theme like anti-racism, or Native American issues etc.
  • Faculty can include “working towards Diversity Certificate” as a goal in your PDP
  • CPD will track attendance and provide a certificate at the end of the year to include in your PDR
  • CPD will conduct programming and identify other opportunities on campus which fulfill the Diversity Certificate requirements through the year
  • For more information, contact CPD Faculty Fellow for DEI in curriculum and pedagogy – Dr. Rucha Ambikar ambikar@bemidjistate.edu
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