Transitioning to post-secondary education is a big step for all high school students; it is even greater for students with disabilities planning to go on to higher education. Often they haven’t received the same preparatory curriculum and structure that other students maintain.  Please contact the Accessibility Services Office to discuss transitioning from post-secondary education to college!

Sometimes it is assumed that these students won’t attend any further educational opportunity and thus graduate without necessary knowledge and skills that their classmates have learned. Not understanding that they will have different rules and expectations in college they frequently find themselves quickly overwhelmed, frustrated and unable to advocate for themselves to receive help.

Likewise, parents of these students have not been given the opportunity to know and understand the differences between K-12 education and postsecondary education and are equally frustrated with the postsecondary education system. Having been used to being able to handle various situations for their student in high school, they are frustrated that school officials can no longer talk to them about their student’s progress or needs.