9 McNair Scholars Graduate!

-Jordan Morgan- -University of Minnesota- -Erika Lisardi- -California State University, Long Beach- -Michelle Wiuff- -Northern Kentucky University- -Cassidy Trott- -University of North Dakota- -Cameron Trott- -University of North Dakota- -Alicia Christenson- -Bemidji State University- -Clarissa Sletten- -Allison Conner- -Shelby Andrist-  -Student Teaching- -Yunuke Nyanamba-

McNair Scholars Graduate!

11 McNair Scholars graduated, seven of which are headed to graduate school! ~Kayla Forcier~ North Dakota State University ~Theron Granbois~ Washington State University ~Hillary Arechigo~ University of Jamestown ~Megan Millmann~ Missouri State University ~Timothy O’Neil~ Minnesota State University-Mankato ~Josh Hatton~ University of North Dakota ~Emma Guthrie~ Bemidji State University  

Six Scholars Present at the University of North Texas

Six senior BSU McNair Scholars conducted oral presentations of their research at the University of North Texas McNair Research Conference this past February. The following students presented the following research:

Theron Granbois: The Awareness and the Utilization of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

Megan Millmann: The Self-Efficacy of Defensive Pessimism

Diana Fellman: The Effects of Cognitive Dissonance on Moral Decisions in the Presence of Self Serving Bias

Kayla Forcier: Habits, Goals, and Motivation: Gender Differences Pertaining to Exercise

Hillary Arechigo: Does the Use of Pedal-less Bicycles Improve the Balance and Stability of 6-10 Year Old Children with Special Needs

Timothy O’Neil: Hope Within Us All- Effects of Animal-Assisted Therapy on Individuals with SPMI

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7 Scholars Graduate!