McNair Scholar Services

The McNair program at BSU offers a variety of services to help students succeed in their undergraduate studies and prepare for graduate school. These services include:

Internship Opportunities

McNair scholars can prepare for and find internships that align with their career goals.

Academic Advising and Course Selection Assistance

Scholars receive individualized support with admissions procedures, financial aid, course planning and career guidance.

Cultural Enrichment Activities

Scholars are encouraged to attend lectures and performances, and are given free access to the annual BSU Native American Pow-Wow.


Scholars have access to free one-on-one tutoring.

Financial Aid

McNair staff assists students in finding graduate school financial aid options, including public and private scholarships and nationally competitive scholarships.

Faculty Mentoring

Scholars work with faculty members in their field of interest to gain insight into potential careers.

Graduate School Visits

Scholars can join up to three annual group visits to graduate schools to learn more about doctoral requirements and research opportunities, meet graduate faculty and tour research, library and computer facilities.

GRE Preparation

Scholars receive help preparing for the GRE math, verbal and writing sections, including test-taking strategies, practice tests and fee waivers.

Parent/Family Support

McNair promotes communication between families and students to enhance positive outcomes. Parents/families are invited to attend a gathering to learn more about the program’s objectives and benefits.