TRIO-SSS offers four for-credit courses designed to help participants succeed in college and prepare for the world of work. Credits earned in TRIO-SSS courses may be used as electives toward graduation.

TRIO-SSS College Orientation

UNIV 1180  (1 Credit)

This course provides a complete orientation to the university to assist participants with the transition to college. Through departmental tours, guest lectures and various other activities, students gain a sense of community and knowledge that can enhance their college experience and help them become successful college students. This course addresses

  • Academic, personal and social issues
  • Economic and financial aid topics
  • How to calculate and monitor academic progress
  • Academic and other support services at BSU

Critical Reading and Analysis

(UNIV 1199 – 2 Credits)

This course addresses skill areas critical for academic success to help SSS participants become better students. Course topics include hands-on activities using a variety of materials, including the students’ own textbooks, that help students improve:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Textbook reading ability
  • Note taking skills
  • Test preparation and test taking skills
  • Memory techniques and study strategies
  • Time management and organizational skills

Life Career Planning

(UNIV 1200 – 2 Credits)

This course helps students decide on a major or confirm an already chosen major and then tie career planning to that major. Students learn to focus their academic endeavors toward post-graduation goals through the following activities:

  • Values clarification exercises, interest and personality inventories and career assessment analysis
  • Research of national and regional employment trends, salaries and employment outlooks
  • Specific career research
  • Resume creation and discussions about job search etiquette and interviewing skills

Capstone TRIO Student

(UNIV 3200 – 3 Credits)

This course assists junior and senior students with job search strategies, networking, interviewing, becoming career ready and obtaining positions consistent with their career goals. This course also includes a service-learning component to enhance professional skills, practice community engagement and build networking opportunities and relationships.