Maximize Your Students’ Writing Potential

Learn how the Writing Resource Center can support your students’ writing skills and how you can integrate our services into your syllabus, courses and pedagogy.

Syllabus Information

Information about the WRC you can include on your syllabus:

Writing Resource Center: Located in room 326 of the A.C. Clark Library, the Writing Resource Center offers free, one-on-one assistance with all types of writing assignments and projects. Our trained peer and faculty consultants provide constructive feedback to help you get started on a paper, organize your ideas, cite sources, develop revision strategies, polish final drafts and more. Schedule a face-to-face or online session.

Submit a Writing Consultant Referral

Please recommend your talented writers to apply to become a writing consultant. We are constantly looking for writers from all disciplines to join the staff. Writing consultants take ENGL 3510 Tutoring Writing, so they can work as paid consultants in the WRC.

Schedule a Classroom Visit

Writing consultants are available to visit your class to provide a short orientation about our services. If you would like someone to visit your class, please send us an email to A representative from the WRC will contact you to confirm the visit.

Offering Extra Credit

Some instructors like to encourage their students to use the Writing Resource Center by offering extra credit. Because we respect student privacy, and do not typically report on student visits to the center, here are some ways you can know if your students visited us.

  • Tell the student to ask for a Session Form. It will be the student’s responsibility to give this form to you.
  • Ask the student to write a short reflection about their experience at the center. Give credit for the reflection, rather than the visit.
  • Encourage students to visit early in their writing process. Required visits tend to overwhelm the service close to the due date. If a student waits until right before a paper is due to visit the center, then he or she may not be able to get in.