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Applying online for our distance programs is quick, simple, and free! Most academic programs offer an ongoing admissions schedule.

Undergraduate Applicants

Special admissions procedures

Tips for a successful application

When completing your application for BSU admission:

  • Please choose the major that you are most likely to complete, as that will produce the most accurate transfer credit evaluation. Do not leave the major field blank, if possible.
  • The “online” delivery method is for completely online program options, but also includes Elementary Education (DLiTE).
  • The “off site” delivery method is for programs that meet on a campus that may or may not be BSU. Examples include RN-BS Nursing, hybrid Social Work, and the Biology Baccalaureate Partnership.

Not seeking a degree, but need an online class or classes?

You can apply online as a non-degree seeking student, and register for classes as soon as your application is processed (Graduate non-degree seeking applicants go here). Prerequisites and other course restrictions apply. FAFSA-based financial aid is not available under this option. Application processing is usually completed within a few days. Follow the undergraduate online application instructions and select the following as you complete the application:

In Application Section 6 “Major”:

  • Select Bemidji State as your school.
  • Select “Complete courses but not a degree” under Major – Educational Intent.
  • Select “Online” as your preferred delivery method.
  • Select “General Studies (Undecided)” as your major/academic program.
  • Select “Not Seeking Degree” as your desired degree/award.

Already enrolled at another Minnesota State school?

If you are already enrolled at another Minnesota State school, you may be eligible to take certain online courses through Bemidji State University as a “visiting student”, without having to apply to BSU. Financial aid and transferability should be considered. Please contact Extended Learning for details.

Graduate Applicants

If you plan to take online courses at the graduate level, please apply through the School of Graduate Studies. Follow the application instructions for graduate students.