Honors Program

Our values:

  • We choose to cultivate curiosity and explore multiple avenues of inquiry as we make our way in and contribute to the world.
  • Thriving learning environments foster deep connections amongst individuals, societies, and ideas.
  • A rich, intellectual life has the power to transform ourselves and the communities in which we live.
  • With an open mind, we share of ourselves in our day-to-day and professional lives. We do so articulately, purposefully, and with empathy.

Our mission:

The Honors Program hosts an intellectually challenging, supportive environment featuring interdisciplinary active learning and a rigorous, dynamic curriculum. Faculty and students work together to gain new understandings and interests, engage in dialog, analyze ideas, practice creative and unconventional thinking, and cultivate habits that lead to life-long learning.

The Honors Program is an alternative path to complete liberal education courses at BSU and replaces the Liberal Education sequence of classes.

Honors courses feature unique (often current) topics, small class sizes, and one-on-one support from the Program faculty and staff.


Long-Time Honors Council Member, Dr. Mark Christensen, Retires After Many Years of Serving Honors Program Students

Click the picture below to learn more about Dr. Christensen, his new book, and the lecture series.

Picture of Dr. Mark Christensen