Your First Year

Let us guide you through your first semester.

As one of the state’s oldest teaching institutions, we understand the importance of establishing yourself early on campus. The students who make friends, join clubs and organizations, and find satisfying courses, are those most likely to succeed and earn a degree. To facilitate these bonds, BSU has developed a series of programs that help students make those first connections with the campus community.

Weeks of Welcome

In the first weeks of classes, BSU hosts a series of campus-wide events that bring students out into the courtyards to socialize and interact. From movies on the lawn to free pancakes and prizes awarded to students who discover new things on campus, we make sure the first introduction to campus life is exciting and comfortable.

FYE Seminars

Few students arrive at school with all the skills they need to tackle college life. The First Year Experience seminars are a recommended program for all new students. Topics such as studying, making responsible decisions, and practical introductions to student services, ensure you will know how to get the resources you need to succeed.

FYE Seminars are offered by faculty from almost every academic department on campus and will introduce new students to professional staff and other peers with whom they might not ever have the opportunity to meet and develop associations.

FYRE Residential Program

For most students, college is their first experience living away from home. Suddenly moving into a dorm, meeting a new roommate, and sharing space with lots of new people can be stressful. Our FYRE program helps ease students into campus living, building a bond with residential advisors and establishing patterns of study and socializing that are essential in the first year.