Graduates, please arrive at the Sanford Center one hour prior to your ceremony and enter through Gate 4. Please only bring in what you can carry into the ceremony as no personal belongings can be left in the staging area.

  • College of Arts, Education and Humanities ceremony at 9 a.m.
  • College of Business, Mathematics and Science ceremony at noon
  • College of Individual and Community Health ceremony at 3 p.m.

A table will be set up at the Sanford Center with name cards and honors medallions (for those listed as a recipient of academic honors in the booklet). Your commencement name card will ask for your personal email address and phone number. If you want your name pronounced a specific way, write out the pronunciation on the card. You will be holding your card during the march. The announcer will take your card when you step on stage to read your name aloud.

After the ceremony is over you will be contacted about graduation pictures. It is important we are able to contact you when you are no longer enrolled at BSU, please make sure the contact information on your commencement card is accurate.

Maintaining COVID-19 protocols, graduates and their families may not re-enter the Sanford Center after the ceremony ends.