The Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion provides educational leadership and support services to the University and College. We serve students, faculty and staff. Our services are grounded in anti-racism, inclusion and equity to ensure that conscious and intentional efforts are happening to dismantle oppressive systems.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Professional development is important for the continued growth of our employees and the work that they do.

At Bemidji State University, faculty have access to Experiential Learning Opportunities (ELO) that encourage reflection on various topics such as diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism and social justice. These opportunities include training modules like Guided Dialogues and Watch and Chat, which aim to engage, challenge and help enhance interpersonal and intrapersonal reflection skills. Please note that ELO is exclusively offered to faculty and staff.

Faculty may also visit Minnesota Management and Budget, Enterprise Talent Development for more professional development courses.

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Guided Dialogues

Guided Dialogues are specialized sessions focusing on critical topics within the context of social and racial justice. Led by experienced facilitators, these intentional dialogues encourage participants to engage in thought-provoking discussions with their peers. Guided Dialogues are open to staff, faculty and administrators and they are available both in-person and virtually. Each session lasts for one hour and they are offered exclusively throughout the academic year. Participants can choose the specific critical topics they wish to explore during the registration process.

Capacity: Unlimited

Watch and Chats

Watch and Chats are immersive sessions that utilize auditory and visual elements to explore critical topics related to racism and dismantling racism. Led by experienced facilitators, these sessions promote transparent communication and encourage participants to engage in interpersonal reflection. Watch and Chats are designed for staff, faculty and administrators and are currently offered exclusively in-person. Each session lasts for one hour and is available throughout the academic year. Participants can choose the specific critical topics they wish to explore during the registration process.

Capacity: Unlimited

Previous ELOs


We strive to provide each faculty and staff with the skills, knowledge and confidence to successfully engage in and address matters concerning diversity, equity, inclusion, antiracism, plus. We provide specialized consultation to influencers within and outside of the classroom. To schedule a time for consultation, please email

Area of Expertise:

  • Restorative justice
  • Multiculturalism
  • Interculturalism
  • Safe space and person
  • Minority student support
  • Minority employee support
  • Antiracism
  • Antidiscrimination
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion

Allyship, Bias and Committee Training

The Affirmative Action Office at our institutions utilizes the Vector Solutions Learning Management System (LMS) to offer faculty and staff digital access to diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism training. Through this platform, a range of training programs is provided, covering various topics including search committee and unconscious bias training, fostering diversity, allyship and more.

Learning Library

  • Becoming an Ally Parts 1 & 2
  • Building Antiracist Culture in your Organization
  • Cultural Appropriation versus Appreciation
  • Diversity Competent Mentoring
    • Part 1: Developmental Networks
    • Part 2: Relational Mentoring
    • Part 3: Combating Bias as a Mentor
  • Supporting Students of Color at Predominantly White Institution

Faculty and Staff

  • Communication for Inclusion
  • Engagement with Diversity
  • Personal Skills for a Diverse Campus
  • The Influence of Unconscious Bias

Faculty Search Committee

  • Skills for Members of Search Committees (required)
  • The Influence of Unconscious Bias in Decision Making (required)

Customized Training Solutions

  • Employee Onboarding (in development)
  • The Appropriation of Indian Identity in Higher Education (in development)

Sexual Violence Prevention Education

Sexual violence is prohibited within Minnesota State including Bemidji State University. To effectively and efficiently address sexual violence prevention, intervention and response education, three departments across campus have unified leveraging a practical framework. The Investigation Office, the Student Center for Health and Counseling and the Department of Athletics all have important responsibilities in addressing sexual violence.

Our Purpose

Campus sexual and relationship violence are serious public health issues that adversely affect college and university students because students cannot learn in an atmosphere in which they do not feel safe. Sexual and relationship violence comprise a continuum of behaviors that include, sexual/gender harassment, sexual coercion, sexual abuse, stalking, sexual assault and rape. Victims/survivors of sexual and relationship violence may experience barriers to academic success, lower graduation rates, health problems, persistent mental health issues and fear of retaliation.

How We Do the Work

We do this work by providing sexual violence prevention education, confidential support for survivors and supportive measures for students and employees. We collaborate with campus and community organizations to offer training, events and innovative community engagement strategies to create a campus free from violence. We implement mandatory sexual violence prevention training for all students and continue to provide optional learning and professional development throughout the academic year. We implement best practices to prevent sexual violence and harassment. All student-athletes, coaches and athletic department staff receive annual education on sexual violence prevention, intervention and response.