Evaluation and reporting are an important part of transformative change. In our effort to create an equitable and inclusive campus, Bemidji State University engages in comprehensive evaluation praxis. Providing our students, staff and faculty with up-to-date, relevant and accurate information is a goal of ours. We evaluate our strategic diversity, equity and inclusion plan, the institutional strategic plan and each area within the division annually.

The purpose of evaluation is to better understand the realities, climate and functions of the university as it relates to diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism plus (DEIA+). The process of evaluation is comprehensive, cyclical and rooted in best-practice.

Year-In-Review Reports

The mission statement for DEI is to foster a safe, welcoming and inclusive campus and community culture that respects difference and ensures equitable opportunities for every person. The Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion maintains the comprehensive review of data and reports for the division and centers.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan Review

The mission of our strategic plan for diversity, equity and inclusion is to foster a safe, welcoming and inclusive campus and community culture that respects difference and ensures equitable opportunities for every person. Through strategic priorities and action objectives, we address issues concerning Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-racism plus (DEIA+) matters in our institution.

Vision Statement

At Bemidji State University, we celebrate and embrace diversity and steadfastly seek to ensure equitable and inclusive environments for every person who learns, teaches, works and visits our campus.  People are valued for their differences and we strive to reflect that variation.  We combat injustices, demonstrate kindness and encourage every individual to seek and be true to their own identities. We clearly demonstrate our commitment to the Ojibwe and to other indigenous peoples in this country.

2019-2024 Priorities

  1. Foster an equitable, safe and respectful campus and community culture for every person who learns, teaches, works and visits our campus.
  2. Promote the value of a demographically diverse and inclusive student body and workforce.
  3. Promote opportunities for students and employees to increase their knowledge and understanding of Indigenous People’s past and present experiences and ways of knowing.
  4. Support the presence of diversity and equity in academic curriculum and classroom conversations.
  5. Encourage partnerships and collaborations among campus departments, teams and efforts focused on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Services Review

The Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion collects data on all the resources offered to evaluate experience and satisfaction to continue providing efficient and effective services.

Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Year-in-Review 2022-2023

Center for Civil Rights

Within the Affirmative Action Office, quantitative and qualitative data are valued in decision making. We ground our work in data as best practice to ensure that we are equitable and transparent as we engage this critical work.

Center for Civil Rights Year-in-Review 2021-2022

Bemidji State University Strategic Plan Review

The strategic plan for Bemidji State University is a comprehensive plan that advances the institution forward by strategically identifying seminal priorities, activities and resources to address the priority.

Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Annual Security & Fire Safety Report

The most recent sexual assault data provided to theMinnesota Office of Higher Education is available for both Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College.The Clery Report captures the incidents of sexual violence on campus annually.

Climate Assessment

Our campus engages in assessment to better understand the experiences of students and employees. On a three-year cycle, we will engage in climate assessment that targets the experiences, systems and environment of our campus. Our effort of assessment leads our strategy and helps us to develop new policy to best serve our community.

We are preparing for our initial climate survey assessment cycle. In fact, Minnesota State colleges and universities have come together to advance the practice of climate assessment through a dedicated Plan of Action (POA).

Equity Scorecard

In our effort to eliminate equity gaps in student outcomes we have engaged with the practice of equity scorecard. This is a practice across Minnesota State institutions of higher education. The equity scorecard consists of six evaluative areas. The equity scorecard is a tool and it has the potential to assist us with better understanding the complexity of our equity concerns within our institution and Minnesota State.

Learn how to access the Equity Scorecard or learn more about the Equity Scorecard.