BEST You @ BSU Overall Student Learning Objectives

  • Students will be aware of the Best You @ BSU program and be able to identify the seven dimensions of wellness.
  • Students will be able to describe the dimensions of wellness and the various factors affecting each dimension, and the interrelationships of the dimensions.
  • Students will attend and participate in Best You @ BSU wellness events throughout the year to increase their overall wellness.

Student Learning Outcomes for Seven Pathways to Wellness

  • Academic & Career Wellness – Finding Purpose
    • Student will strengthen their academic related skills through a collaborative approach.
    • Students will be referred to the appropriate service bases on their need.
    • Students will identify programs that best fits their interests, abilities and values.
    • Students will have access to assessments and career coaching to help them choose a major that matches their interests, abilities and strengths.
    • Students will participate in career events and activities that connect them to future careers, (i.e., part-time employment, internships, volunteer work, practice and on-campus interviews, job fairs, etc.)
  • Cultural Wellness – Understanding, learning and embracing differences.
    Students will understand, honor and celebrate their own cultures and heritages, and demonstrate respect for the experiences and differences of others.
  • Emotional Wellness – Healthy Mind
    Students will identify strategies to manage emotional wellness.
  • Environmental Wellness – Sustainable Lifestyle
    • Students will understand the interrelationships of people and the rest of the natural world.
    • Students will interact with and learn from the lakes, land and animal and plant relatives.
    • Student will take action to protect Mother Earth both on campus and in our community.
    • Students will model and teach sustainable behaviors for the well being of future generations.
  • Financial Wellness – Manage Money
    Improve student’s awareness of individual student loan debt and ways to reduce student loan debt.
  • Physical Wellness – Healthy Body
    Students who participate in recreational activities, programs and services [i.e. Campus Recreation Activities, Intramurals, Outdoor Program Center, Club Sports, Fitness Classes and Goal Area 11 courses] will be able to take an active role in their personal wellness and will understand how physical activity will improve health
  • Social Wellness – Healthy Interpersonal Relationships
    • Students will identify possible opportunities to engagement on campus and in their community.
    • Establish and maintain interpersonal relationships.
    • Students will feel a sense of place through their connections in clubs, organizations, campus activities or community activities.