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Department of Biology

The Department of Biology's Mission Statement:
To foster the personal, educational, and professional development of our students and faculty.


The Bemidji State University Department of Biology offers coursework in all areas of biology-- from Molecular Genetics to Ecology. The department typically has about 225 majors, with ~50 Aquatic Biology majors and the balance spread between the other program areas.

The department also plays a major role in advising and teaching students in pre-professional programs, including those in pre-medicine, pre-veterinary medicine and other areas.

Please take a look at our new Gallery, Testimonials and News and Updates (to the left of the page) for an idea of what's going on within the Biology Department!

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If you are interested in a career that involves working with fish, invertebrates, or aquatic plants, Bemidji State is the school to go to for a degree in aquatic biology.
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