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State Resources    Electronic access to Minnesota government information and services

The Three Branches of Minnesota State Government   A short description of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of Minnesota government.

Links to Government Offices  

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Minnesota Statutes  The current laws of Minnesota codified by the revisor of statutes.

How a Bill Becomes Law in Minnesota.

Minnesota Rules  

The current regulations from the executive branch of Minnesota codified by the revisor of statutes. For the most recent year's changes, check in the State Register.

State Register  

(Vol. 22(14) (October 6, 1997 - current date); accessible through Minnesota's Bookstore

(Vol. 1 (July 1976 - current date): accessible through The Office of  the Revisor of Statutes)

The State Register is published each Monday, (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) and includes:

  • Minnesota Rules - proposed, adopted, exempt, expedited, expedited emergency, vetoed and withdrawn.

  • Executive & Commissioner's Orders, Revenue Notices, Appointments, Proclamations

  • Official Notices - announcements, meeting notices, metropolitan council notices, public hearings, official reports, requests for outside opinions, vacancies in agencies, etc.

  • Professional, Technical & Consulting Contracts - including architecture and engineering, accounting/auditing/financial services, computer hardware and software, construction and remodeling, consulting and evaluating, medical/dental/psychiatric services, photographic, planning, testing, web and graphic design, writing and video services, and many others.

  • State Grants & Loans - agriculture grants, economic development, housing programs, health & human services, job skills partnerships, vocational rehabilitation, workforce partnerships, and many more.

  • Non-State Public Bids, Contracts & Grants - bids, contracts and grants from other than state agencies: city, county, metropolitan, federal, non-profit, and private agencies.


Minnesota Legislative Branch

Minnesota State Legislature

Minnesota Legislative Time Capsule  

Who Represents Me?  Find Legislative and Congressional Members representing your district

Minnesota Redistricting Maps 2012   View 2012 redistricting maps for MN Senate and MN House

State Representatives:

Current District 5A:  John Persell

Current District 2A:  Dave Hancock

State Senator:

Current District 5:  Tom Saxhaug

Current District 2:   Rod Skoe


Minnesota Executive Branch

Office of the Governor

Minnesota Judicial Branch

     Jury Service in Minnesota (in general)

     Jury Service in the Ninth District (serving Northwest Minnesota)

     Map of Minnesota District Courts

County Referral Fact Sheets for Legal Assistance

     Beltrami County

     Hubbard County

     Cass County