U. S. and State of Minnesota Government Publications Access Policies:

A. C. Clark Library, Bemidji State University
Bemidji, Minnesota, U.S.A.

1.0 Scope

1.1 This policy applies to all people wishing to use the A. C. Clark Library, be they students, faculty, staff, non-University educators or students and all other members of the general public.

1.2 This policy addresses access to government publications distributed in paper, microform or videocassette format. Access policies covering government publications in electronic format can be found in the document Electronic Government Publications: Acquisition and Access Policies.

2.0 General Principles

2.1 Access to an information resource means that at the very least a person may use the information resource within the library. Open stack information resources may be used at any time during normal hours of operation. Closed stack resources are usually, but not necessarily always, available at any time the library is open. To have access to an item, however, does not imply that the item may leave the library.

2.2 Many government information resources may circulate, that is to say, they may be checked out of the Library. The Government Publications Librarian, in consultation with the Circulation Librarian and with the advice and consent of the Librarians Council, will administer the circulation policies for materials found in the Government Publications collections and will recommend to the Circulation Librarian policies regarding government publications located in collections other than the Government Publications collections.

2.3 The A. C. Clark Library and specifically its Government Publications Librarian reserve the right to locate depository receipts within collections of the Library other than just those of the Government Publications Area. Circulation policies of depository receipts located into other collections will be consistent with the other items within that collection. The location of items in other collections will be based upon (in no particular order):

2.3.1 The format of the resource

2.3.2 The literature type of the resource (e.g. depository research periodicals located with other non-depository periodicals)

2.3.3 The benefits to users of locating the resource in another collection (i.e. integration into a collection which would place depository and non-depository of like subject together, aiding user browsing)

2.3.3 Whether a specific resource fits better into the overall philosophy of another collection as opposed to that of the Government Publications Collection.

2.4 Any person who abides by the Code of Behavior for Library Users and Access to and Use Policies of A. C. Clark Library Computers may use these resources and any of the on-site electronic resources mentioned above.

2.5 Access to the resources of the Library will be consistent with equal opportunity guidelines.

2.6 The Library’s circulation policies for titles in its government publications collections, and indeed all of its collections, are defined in the various relevant item classes which are part of the MnSCU/PALS (or any subsequent) database and are tied to specific items through the use of that an item class within the item’s circulation record. In general, most government publications may circulate for a period of three weeks to anyone in good standing who holds a card which entitles him or her to check out library materials from the A. C. Clark Library. Some items, however, are available for in-library-use only and do not circulate. Appropriate equipment will be made available in-house for the use of any electronic resource which does not circulate.