Bemidji State offers a variety of on-campus and online certificate programs for current students and working professionals that can help advance careers.

Addictions (on-campus)

Through Bemidji State’s addictions certificate program students can complete the course work required to become a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) as specified by Minnesota statute.

Arts Management (online)

Bemidji State’s fully online arts management certificate for undergraduate and graduate students who want to advance their careers in the nonprofit arts scene.

Coaching (on-campus)

BSU’s coaching certificate program provides students with the foundational skills and knowledge to coach athletes in many settings, including schools, recreation programs and clubs.

Equity (on-campus/online)

Bemidji State is now home to the first equity certificate program within the Minnesota State system of colleges and universities, offering undergraduate students a credential they can carry into their degree field and, ultimately, into their professions.

Indigenous Studies (on-campus)

Indigenous Studies is a vibrant, dynamic academic discipline that provides insight into issues and perspectives of Indigenous peoples. BSU’s nine-credit Indigenous studies certificate guides students through the foundations of Indigenous studies.

Leadership (on-campus)

BSU’s leadership certificate is designed for working professionals. Students will be introduced to major academic studies of leadership, including research on problem-solving in the work-place, political psychology and professional ethics.

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) (online)

The Lean Six Sigma (LSS) certificate is available to BSU students or industry professionals who have a desire to use problem-solving methodologies and statistical tools to effectively change and improve their organizations.

Ojibwe Language Instruction (on-campus)

BSU offers a certificate in instruction of Ojibwe. With the advent of tribal schools and Ojibwe immersion programs in Reserve (Wisconsin), Bena (Minnesota), Red Lake (Minnesota) and Ponemah (Minnesota), BSU seeks to train a new generation of fluent speakers who have training and credentials necessary to accelerate this critical dimension of the Ojibwe language revitalization movement. This is a growth area at the institution, which we hope to evolve into a full-fledged Ojibwe immersion teacher training program.

Online Teaching (online)

BSU’s certificate in online teaching is in direct response to a request from the Minnesota Online Alliance, a group of schools and districts offering online courses and programs for K-12 students in Minnesota. The certificate program courses are appropriate for preparing on-line teachers in K-12 and in post-secondary education.

Public and Non-Profit Management (online)

If you are working for government or in a non-profit organization, or hope to in the future, BSU’s public and non-profit management certificate program can help you get the management and organizational skills needed to advance your career.

Red Cross Community First Aid and First Responder (on-campus)

This two-credit first aid course educates students on the basics of first aid. Students can build on this credential by also pursuing a first responder certification.

Technology Manager (online)

Bemidji State’s technology manager certificate is available to BSU students or industry professionals who have a desire to effectively manage technology resources, projects, and teams.