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Class Schedule

See the Undergraduate Course Schedule.


VERB_L is an e-mail list distributed by the English Department for interested English majors/minors and other students interested in the happenings of the English Department. Find out more about Verb_L.

Writing Resource Center

The WRC provides peer tutoring services in writing for all BSU students free of charge.

You don’t even need a paper to come in. Sometimes if the professor gives an assignment we can help clarify what the assignment means. We help with all aspects of writing, at any stage of the process. Don’t feel you can’t come in if you’re not done with your paper. Come in even if you’re just brainstorming, or doing a first draft.”  – Ariana at the WRC

The Hole in the Wall

Need a place to relax? A quiet place to read or study? The Hole in the Wall has got you covered. The Hole in the Wall is an office in third floor Hagg-Sauer Hall open to all writing and English students. It contains senior projects by former writing students of BSU, publications from alumni and various books/other resources on the writing process. You can also find various periodicals, such as The Writer’s Chronicle and Poets and Writers in the Hole in the Wall. This room, however, is locked but an attendant from the third floor main office in Hagg-Sauer can open it upon request.

Writer’s Wall

The Writer’s Wall is a bulletin board across from HS 322, on the third floor of Hagg-Sauer Hall. The wall contains information and opportunities available in four pertinent categories: Submissions, Workshops, Graduate Study and Jobs.

Student Spotlight

The Student Spotlight is a place where BSU English and Writing majors can display their poems and short stories. The Spotlight is located next to the main Hagg-Sauer office, located on third floor Hagg-Sauer. The Student Spotlight gives students an opportunity to share their work and create an environment to enjoy literature.

Other Resources


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