Our Course Reserves / E-textbooks in the Library service is a cost-savings measure offering students an alternative to purchasing textbooks.

How to Save Money on Textbooks

If none of your textbooks are on course reserve, this guide may help you find alternatives to purchasing your textbooks.

What does it involve? We reached out to professors who were interested in helping students save money. If their course textbooks were available for the library to purchase as an e-textbook, we did so. If the textbook was not available to the library electronically, we investigated purchasing a print version for Course Reserves. In some cases, the library was not able to purchase any version of the textbook.

Please note: Our holdings only reflect a small percentage of course textbooks, but we hope to continue to grow this project. Access the Spring 2024 list here:

Textbooks Available Through the Library


For help and further info on Course Reserves and E-textbooks:

General help guide for accessing e-books

For faculty interested in finding an e-textbook through the library for their courses:

For Faculty – E-textbooks in the Library: a guide for searching & browsing potential e-books for course use

For faculty interested in placing material on Course Reserves, please visit our Course Reserves page.