State Government

State Register

  • (Vol. 22(14) (October 6, 1997 – current date); accessible through Minnesota’s Bookstore)
  • (Vol. 1 (July 1976 – current date): accessible through The Office of  the Revisor of Statutes)
  • The State Register is published each Monday, (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) and includes:
    • Minnesota Rules: proposed, adopted, exempt, expedited, expedited emergency, vetoed and withdrawn.
    • Executive & Commissioner’s Orders, Revenue Notices, Appointments, Proclamations
    • Official Notices: announcements, meeting notices, metropolitan council notices, public hearings, official reports, requests for outside opinions, vacancies in agencies, etc.
    • Professional, Technical & Consulting Contracts: including architecture and engineering, accounting/auditing/financial services, computer hardware and software, construction and remodeling, consulting and evaluating, medical/dental/psychiatric services, photographic, planning, testing, web and graphic design, writing and video services, and many others.
    • State Grants & Loans: agriculture grants, economic development, housing programs, health & human services, job skills partnerships, vocational rehabilitation, workforce partnerships, and many more.
    • Non-State Public Bids, Contracts & Grantsbids, contracts and grants from other than state agencies: city, county, metropolitan, federal, non-profit, and private agencies.

Minnesota Legislative Branch

State Representatives:

Current District 5A:  John Persell
Current District 2A:  Matt Grossell

State Senator:

Current District 5:  Justin Eichorn
Current District 2:   Paul Utke

Minnesota Executive Branch

Minnesota Judicial Branch