The University Archives at Bemidji State University

Bemidji State University’s Archives are housed in the A.C. Clark Library, Room 209/210. The Archives tells the history and story of Bemidji State University. Items that can be found in the archives include: yearbooks, historical documents, photographs, publications, posters, memorabilia, souvenirs, and much more. Over 3200 photographs have been digitized and made available on our University Archives digitized resources page.

Unfortunately, at this time, we at the A.C. Clark Library do not have trained staff to work with our University Archives.

If you have a question regarding items in our University Archives, we recommend visiting the following resources online:

  1. Start out with our University Archives digitized resources page. Among the many digitized images here, include all known published editions of the Ah-Mic yearbooks and an assortment of digitized images of athletics, campus, buildings, and miscellaneous subjects.
  2. Visit History in the Pines, an online museum created by the BSU Foundation which provides these same images in a more storied format.


If your question still cannot be answered at this point, please email us at

The A.C. Clark Library librarians will try to answer your query, based on current capacity and the following factors:

  1. If easily accessible, we should be able to locate the item or information you requested.
  2. Due to our staffing shortage, we may not be able to respond to your query in a timely manner.
  3. The items you seek may exist in our Archives, but we may not know where in the Archives they are located.
  4. The items you seek may exist but were never added to the University Archives.
  5. The items you seek may not exist.