Parking Permits


All motor vehicles that park on campus during the academic year are required to display a current permit for the area in which they will be parked. In order to purchase a parking permit, the vehicle must be pre-registered online (see instructions below) or at the Cashiers Office (2nd floor Deputy Hall), (218) 755-2045. The make, model, color and license state/number of the vehicle is required for pre-registration. Upon completion of the parking permit pre-registration and payment of the permit, a parking permit will be issued. Registration is considered complete when the permit is properly displayed on the vehicle. Proper display is considered as being attached to the rear view mirror with numbers facing windshield so permit is clearly visible.

Please read the following instructions on how to pre-register for your permit online:

  • Step 1: On page 1, begin by selecting the permit you wish to purchase (permits and pricing are listed on this page).
  • Step 2: Fill in the required information on pages 2-4. Some fields are mandatory including your license plate number, model, make and color so please have this information ready before you begin.
  • Step 3: Your pre-registration is now complete. In order to complete registration, payment must be made with the Cashiers Office via phone, (218) 755-2045, or in person (Deputy Hall 2nd floor).

Important Note: Pre-registration does not guarantee you a permit and your registration is not complete until payment is received at the Cashiers Office. Several permits have limited availability and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Pre-registrations older than 30 days are subject to be removed from the database.

Please click here to begin your online pre-registration.

Parking Permits

Permits are required in all campus lots the first day of Fall semester to the end of Spring semester during the academic year. All parking lots are clearly marked at each entrance with signs indicating the necessary permit requirements for that lot. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner/operator to be aware of the location of legal parking spaces. There are eight types of permits represented by eight different colors available for purchase, which allow parking in specific lots. The eight permits are divided into two categories, residential permits and commuter permits.

All residential permits, as well as the purple and white commuter permits, have limited availability because of parking lot size and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. With the exception of the LR lot, in which parking spots are assigned, no permit guarantees a parking space.

Also available for purchase are (7) or (14) day temporary permits, which are only valid in designated lots.

Please refer to the Parking Lot Map for parking lot locations and the permits they require.

Residential Permit Information

Residential permits include Red (Birch/Linden Lot), Black (Cedar Lot), Blue (Oak Lot), Yellow (Rec. Center Lot) and Orange (Walnut Lot). Residential Lot permits are only available for purchase by individuals residing in residence halls.

  • Red (Sold Out): Sold only to Birch, Linden and Tamarack residents and usable in the Birch/Linden, Rec., Walnut and Oak Lots. Limited availability.
  • Yellow (Sold Out): Available only to Birch, Linden and Tamarack residents and usable in the Rec., Walnut and Oak Lots. Limited availability.
  • Black: Available first to Cedar Apartments residents, but depending on demand, may be available to other residence-hall students. Limited availability.
  • Orange: Available to Birch, Linden, Tamarack and Pine residents and usable in the new Walnut Lot west of Walnut Hall, as well as the Oak Lot. Limited availability.
  • Blue: Available to any residence hall student but usable only in the Oak Hall Lot. This is also the only residence-hall parking available for Oak.

Chart A provides information regarding the price of each Residential permit.

Chart A

Residential Permits 2021-22
Red (Birch/Linden Lots) – Sold Out $310.00
Yellow (Rec. Center Lot) – Sold Out $265.00
Black (Cedar Lot) $240.00
Orange (Walnut Lot) $190.00
Blue (Oak Lot) $140.00

Chart B provides information pertaining to each Residential lot, permit(s) required, and any lot restrictions.

Chart B

Residential Lot Permit Required  Restrictions
Birch/Linden Red  Permit required anytime.
Rec. Center Red Yellow  Permit required anytime.
Cedar Black  Permit required anytime.
Walnut Red Yellow Orange  Permit required anytime.
Oak Red Yellow Orange Blue  Permit required anytime.

Commuter Permit Information

Commuter permits include Purple (A.I.R.C. Lot), White (Limited Reserve Lot) and Green (P.E. Lot, Bangsberg Lot and Lake Blvd.).

  • White (Sold Out): Usable in the Limited Reserve Lot, A.I.R.C. Lot, P.E. Lot, Bangsberg Lot and Lake Blvd. Limited availability.
  • Purple (Sold Out): Usable in the A.I.R.C Lot, P.E. Lot, Bangsberg Lot and Lake Blvd. Limited availability.
  • Green: Usable in the P.E. Lot, Bangsberg Lot and Lake Blvd.

Chart C provides information regarding the price of each Commuter permit.

Chart C

Commuter Permits 2021-22
White (Limited Reserve Lot) – Sold Out $571.74
Purple (A.I.R.C. Lot) – Sold Out $409.93
Green (P.E. Lot, Bangsberg Lot, Lake Blvd.) $204.96

Note: The above prices include sales tax.

Chart D provides information pertaining to each Commuter lot, permit(s) required, and any lot restrictions.

Chart D

Commuter Lot Permit Required Restrictions
A.I.R.C. White Purple Permit required 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. M-F
No Parking 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.
Bangsberg White Purple Green Permit required 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. M-F
No Parking 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.
Lake Blvd. White Purple Green Permit required 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. M-F
No Parking 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.
Limited Reserved White Permit required anytime.
P.E. (Upper & Lower) White Purple Green Permit required 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. M-F
No Parking 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.

Motorcycle, Moped, Motor Scooter, Motorbike, Etc.

Motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds (cycles) are required to pre-register such vehicle here and then complete registration by payment with the Cashier’s Office, 2nd floor of Deputy Hall, in order to park in designated campus cycle pads. The registration fee is $40.00 for the academic year. No permit or sticker is issued but once registered, the cycle will be on file allowing the ability to park in any designated cycle pad throughout campus once registration is complete with the Cashier’s Office. If you choose to park a cycle in any BSU parking lot then you are required to purchase and display that permit for such lot. Cycle registration is not transferable requiring each cycle to be registered and pay the registration fee. Cycle pads are clearly marked with signage throughout campus and are located in priority areas. Parking outside a cycle pad area is subject to violations.

Motorized cycles are not allowed to park in designated bike rack areas, any sidewalk outside of the cycle pads, grass areas, or any non-designated cycle pads on campus grounds. Cycles are also prohibited from being stored anywhere on campus during the winter months (this is enforced once weather prevents driving cycles during those months).

Disabled Parking Permits

Disabled parking is provided in specifically designated close-in areas. Because lot maintenance need to be shared by all permit holders, the University requires that staff, faculty, and students with vehicles displaying a valid state issued disabled parking permit (including temporary state issued disabled parking permits) or license plate ARE ALSO required to display a Bemidji State University parking permit while parked in any University owned disabled parking stall.

If the designated parking stalls are all full in the area you choose to park, you may park in any metered parking stall for a maximum of two (2) hours. After two hours, you must either relocate your vehicle or pay the posted metered rate. Visitors to campus DO NOT need a University parking permit while parked in a disabled stall, but still require a state issued disabled permit or license plate. Disabled stalls are enforced year-round on a 24 hour basis.

Temporary Parking Permits

Seven (7) or fourteen (14) day temporary parking permits are available for persons who require this type of flexibility.  These permits may be purchased at the Cashiers Office, 2ndfloor, Deputy Hall. 7 day permits are $8.00 (not including tax) each and 14 day permits are $16.00 (not including tax) each.

For persons that have a current permit but as a result of an unforeseeable occurrence or are temporarily unable to display the permit, a temporary permit is available, free of charge, from the Public Safety Office, (218) 755-3888, Walnut Hall.  This does not include permits that have been reported lost or stolen.

Visitor Parking Permits

Visitor Parking Permits are available at various campus offices.  Visitor permits are issued to campus visitors for a maximum of three days.  Registered students, faculty and staff of the University may not receive a visitor permit.  They are not valid in metered, reserved, or in any area where parking is not normally allowed.

NTC Parking Information

NTC parking permits are not valid at BSU, but NTC students may purchase a BSU commuter permit in place of a NTC student permit. All BSU parking permits are valid at NTC. Please refer to the NTC parking permit webpage for further information and details about pricing.

Gold Permits

Gold Permits are issued at no cost to qualified faculty and staff retirees. Gold permits non-transferable and must be re-registered each year using the registration link above located in the Registration section. Gold permits are only valid in the P.E. Lot, Bangsberg Lot and Lake Blvd.

Permit Refunds

Refunds for parking permits will not be prorated. A refund for a complete semester may be received if the permit is returned to the Cashiers Office (Deputy Hall), (218) 755-2045, within three days after the beginning of a semester. The refund amount will be reduced by any outstanding citations.

Lost or Stolen Permits

Lost or stolen parking permits should immediately be reported to the Department of Public Safety. With the exception of the (LR) permit, lost or stolen permits may be replaced at the Cashiers Office for one half of the value of the permit. A flat fee of $25.00 is charged for the replacement of a (LR) access card.

Stolen parking permits are reported to local law enforcement authorities. If a vehicle is parked in a campus lot displaying a previously reported stolen permit, the person in possession of the permit may be charged with a violation of Minnesota State Statutes.

Duplicated or Forged Permits

It is against the law to duplicate, alter, or reproduce any Bemidji State University parking permit for the purpose of fraudulently receiving parking services. Violators will be criminally prosecuted and University Conduct Violations will be submitted.