Computer Science

Computer Science is all about solving problems. More specifically, computer scientists create the processes for solving problems with digital information.

But because computers speak their own language, computer scientists must convert their problem solving process into a set of rules that a computer can understand. This is called an algorithm.

About BSU Computer Science

Housed in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, the BSU Computer Science program will teach you to better understand how computers work and how to create programs from simple and complex algorithms. We begin with introductory courses that focus on developing individual problem-solving abilities and progress toward more advanced topics such as game development and software engineering.

We offer two undergraduate majors and a minor:

Our faculty are dedicated to your intellectual development and will guide you through every step of your education. Our programs include plenty of opportunities for team projects that will help you develop technical, inter-personal and professional abilities that will serve you well long after you graduate from Bemidji State University.

We have a CS Major Planning Guide that Computer Science majors may find helpful.