The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science hosts the Computer Science Club and the Mathematics Club for the enrichment of students in the program.

Computer Science Club

The BSU Computer Science Club was founded in the spring semester of the 2007-2008 academic year by a handful of CS students who sought to enhance the collegiate experience of all Computer Science students and to spread their enthusiasm for the discipline.

The Computer Science Club welcomes all students in any major program. We hold many events throughout the year including weekly meetings, IT presentations from potential employers, resume reviews, peer presentations, visits to MN businesses, Kick-Off party and End-of-Year party to name a few. Come and check us out and get hyped up on Computer Science!

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Mathematics Club

Math club students sledding
Math Club students take a break from crunching numbers to go sledding at Cameron Park.

The purpose of the math club is to stimulate student interest in the various areas of Mathematics and to promote fellowship among the members. Students also connect on different disciplines involving mathematics such as Economics, Computer Science, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Activities the Math Club has hosted in the past include curling, bowling, calculus cake, hex, sledding, catapult construction, math jeopardy and many others.

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