Interested in teaching mathematics and looking for an opportunity to have your schooling paid for?   

The Department of Mathematics is excited to announce the NOYCE SCHOLARS opportunity to support students interested in teaching mathematics.

Mathematics, in its purest form, is an art concerned with the exploration and expression of ideas.

In its practical form, mathematics is a symbolic language and is concerned with the application of mathematical ideas and tools to the sciences and other areas of human endeavor.

The study of mathematics is grounded in problem solving and includes the ability to think in a certain, organized way. It is fundamental to a number of disciplines and careers, including computer technology, business, and the social sciences.

Housed in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, the BSU Mathematics program helps students of all majors better prepare for successful careers in a number of fields. We not only equip them with strong math skills, but we teach them the practical applications for those skills.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs