Federal and State OSHA standards and rules mandate several programs that require employers to provide health and safety training and information to employees. In some cases, the training is required on an annual basis. Though the standards do not typically specify how the training should be accomplished, many of them do set forth minimum content requirements. The pertinent standards are found in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 29 (29 CFR) and the Minnesota Rules, Chapters 5205 and 5206. It is the supervisors’ responsibility to insure that all safety-training requirements for employees under their supervision have been adequately addressed, according to the applicable OSHA standards. Full-time, part-time, intermittent, emergency, adjunct and temporary faculty and staff, student workers, graduate assistants, and all other individuals receiving compensation from BSU, are considered employees and therefore must be included in applicable training. Supervisors should also note that training requirements must be completed before the employee is assigned to tasks or duties subject to any training requirement. Failure to provide required training can result in citations, fines, and other penalties.

BSU Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) provides support for regulatory compliance and training efforts. In this role, EHS tracks developments in environmental health and safety regulations and standards and determines their applicability to campus activities. EHS can provide some general training and will assist with arrangements for specific training, upon request. EHS also has a limited number of videos and other materials to support health and safety training.


Environmental Health & Safety maintains a limited selection of videos that can be used to supplement safety training. Contact EHS to arrange to borrow any of the following VHS videos:

Environmental Health & Safety maintains a limited selection of videos that can be used to supplement safety training. Contact EHS to arrange to borrow any of the following VHS videos:

Title Length Topic
Assessing Risks of Toxic Chemicals 11:12 min Laboratory Safety
Bloodborne Diseases 15 min Bloodborne Pathogens
BSU Bloodborne Pathogen Training 45 min Bloodborne Pathogens
BSU Employee Right-to-Know 45 min Right-to-Know
Centrifugation Hazards 9 min Laboratory Safety
Chemical Hazards 10 min Laboratory Safety
Chemical Storage Hazards 11 min Laboratory Safety
Chemistry of Hazardous Materials 25 min Laboratory Safety
Compressed Gases Can Be dangerous 6 min Compressed Gases
Confined Spaces Safety Training Program 20 min Confined Space
Controlling Your Risks; HIV in the Research Laboratory 28 min Laboratory Safety
Emergency Response 12 min Emergency preparedness
Ergonomics Awareness Training for Custodians 7:45 min Ergonomics
Fire Safety 19:30 min Fire Safety
First Aid Product training Video for Zee Medical Products 15 min First Aid
Food Poisoning 5:16 min Off the Job Safety
Forklift Safety Training Program 12:20 min Forklift Safety
Glassware Washing Hazards 10 min Laboratory Safety
HAZWOPPER Awareness 5:54 min HAZMAT Response
Hearing Loss and You 15 min Hearing Loss
Lockout/Tagout Safety Training Program 13 min Lockout/Tagout
Mammalian Cell Culture Hazards 8:22 min Laboratory Safety
Package Bombs 4:26 min Emergency Preparedness
Portable Fire Extinguisher Use 5:21 min Fire Safety
Power Tool Safety 18 min Tool Use Safety
Practicing Safe Science 29:10 min Laboratory Safety
Protecting Custodians from Bloodborne Pathogens 19 min Bloodborne Pathogens
Radionuclide Hazards 12 min Laboratory Safety
Rollerblading and Biking Safety 6:40 min Off the Job Safety
Shelter in Place – Know What to Do 17:38 min Emergency Preparedness