Supervisors have a significant role to play in managing workplace injuries and illnesses. That role begins before an incident occurs and continues until the employee’s recovery is complete.

A general description of the Workers’ Compensation Program, including supervisors’ roles and responsibilities, can be found in the Department of Administration handbook, The Agency’s Workers’ Compensation Handbook or from the Human Resources office in Deputy 350, phone: (218) 755-3966.

Before an Injury Occurs

  • Require employees to comply with all safety policies and procedures.
  • Arrange for safety training and require mandatory attendance.
  • Include safety as part of the employee’s annual performance review.
  • Discipline for unsafe work practices.
  • Require employees to report all injuries and “near misses” to you, within 24 hrs.

When an Injury Occurs

During Emergencies

  • Call 9-911 immediately for life threatening or serious injuries.
  • Provide emergency medical care to the best of your ability and level of training.
  • Report any serious injuries, verbally if necessary, to the Human Resources Office, as soon as possible but do not delay seeking emergency medical attention in order to report an injury or complete forms.

For All Other Work Injuries or Illnesses

  • Provide first aid care to the best of your ability and level of training
  • Conduct a prompt and thorough initial investigation of the circumstances surrounding the injury
  • Complete all the items listed on the Supervisor’s Injury/Illness/Incident Reporting & Workers’ Compensation Checklist.
  • Submit injury reporting forms described in the checklist and available through links in the checklist or from the “Forms” page listed in the Worker’s Compensation menu box on this page, to the Human Resources office within 3 calendar days after you are notified of the injury.
  • Provide Human Resources with “doctors slips”, workability reports or other written medical orders that document conditions or treatments that affect the employee’s work schedule or duties.
  • Assist in finding light duty or modified work that will allow the injured employee to return to work as soon as possible
  • See the timeline summarizing the accident and injury reporting requirements.