The Bemidji State University Joint Labor-Management Safety Committee was established in its current form and held its first meeting in January 1996. The Safety Committee was formed in accordance with sound safety management principles and in compliance with State statute and agreements between the State of Minnesota and several of the Labor Unions representing BSU employees. Committee members include representatives from several of the campus’ bargaining units who were appointed to the committee by their respective bargaining units. The initial request for representatives was sent to all local union representatives in November 1995.

The Safety Committee’s functions include but are not limited to, review of reports of property damage and personal injury incidents and alleged hazardous working conditions, reviewing and recommending safety policies, supporting development and implementation of a strong campus safety program, review of building security issues, assessing regulatory compliance and actively supporting safety, both on and off the job.

The Safety Committee meets at least quarterly, but may meet more often as needed. All BSU faculty, staff and students are encouraged to contact the Safety Committee with any concerns, questions or suggestions regarding campus safety. The committee is especially interested in reports of “near miss” accidents so that they may be reviewed and actions can be taken to prevent them from becoming “real” accidents.

Current Membership Includes

  • Barbara Butler, AFSCME
  • Larry Strowbridge AFSCME
  • Rosanne Erickson, AFSCME
  • Dale Dreyer, Sattgast Safety Committee
  • Scott Theisen, MAPE
  • Mark Morrissey, MSUAAF
  • Sandy Beck, MMA
  • Erin Morrill, Public Safety Security Coordinator, Chair
  • Travis Barnes, Finance and Administration Representative
  • Carol Hess, Human Resources Representative
  • Randy Westhoff, Academic Affairs Representative

2023 Safety Committee Schedule

The BSU Health and Safety Committee has voted to meet every other month for 2023. Below are the meeting dates, time and locations.

  • January 13th: 1-2pm, Memorial 300
  • March 17th: 1-2pm, Memorial 300
  • May 12th: 1-2pm, Memorial 300
  • July 14th: 1-2pm,  Memorial 300
  • September 8th: 1-2pm, Memorial 300
  • November 10th: 1-2pm, Memorial 300