Injuries to any BSU/NTC employee, student or visitor to the campus need to be reported to the appropriate office as soon as possible.


  • Call 9-911 immediately for life threatening or serious injuries.
  • Do not delay seeking emergency medical attention in order to report an injury or complete forms.

Non-Employees – Students, Visitors

  • Report the injury to BSU Public Safety, (218) 755-3888, as soon as possible.
  • Complete the Non-Employee Injury Report Form.
  • Submit the completed form to:
    • BSU Business Services
      Deputy 201, #5
      Phone: (218) 755-2052
      Fax: (218) 755-2160

Employees – Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Staff, Student Employees, Graduate Assistants

  • Report work related injuries or illnesses to your dean or supervisor as soon as possible. If your supervisor is not available, contact the Human Resources Office at (218) 755-3966 or Environmental & Health Safety at (218) 755-2545.
  • Assist your supervisor in the prompt and accurate completion of reporting forms required for the Workers’ Compensation program.
  • More detailed information about the Workers’ Compensation program is available.