Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) at Bemidji State University promotes and supports a safe and healthy campus environment by working with the campus community to implement the goals and provisions of the university’s Environmental Policy Statement.

EHS helps the university meet regulatory compliance and protect and enhance the natural environment through activities such as hazardous waste management and compliance with federal Community Right-to-Know reporting requirements.

Bemidji State University Environmental Policy Statement

Bemidji State University enjoys a high quality natural setting in the northern lakes region of Minnesota. Bemidji State University is committed to excellence and leadership in protecting the natural environment. The university community affirms the belief that faculty, staff and students are responsible to provide this leadership in environmental stewardship and in promoting environmental awareness, local action and global thinking. Bemidji State University will endeavor, as far as resources will allow, to improve our stewardship roles in the areas of: education (including the infusion of environmental content into appropriate curriculum), operations (including day-to-day use of resources associated with the functioning of the university) and communication (including raising environmental awareness, especially through example and modeling good stewardship practices in partnership with the broader community.) In our general operations, Bemidji State University will strive, wherever possible, to:

  • Conserve natural resources and support sustainable practices,
  • Conduct affairs in ways which safeguard the environmental health and safety of students, faculty, staff and members of the broader community,
  • Reduce the generation of wastes and the use of toxic substances and promote strategies to reuse and recycle those wastes which cannot be avoided, and purchase renewable, reusable, recyclable and recycled materials.

In pursuing our educational and research missions, Bemidji State University will strive, wherever possible, to:

  • Foster an understanding of and responsibility for the natural environment,
  • Convey knowledge regarding environmental and health issues relevant to various academic disciplines,
  • Encourage environmental research,
  • Conduct teaching and research in an environmentally responsible way,
  • Provide a forum for the open flow of information within the university community and the community at large regarding environmental issues and their relationships to other social issues.