Review the processes for ordering office supplies and equipment for the BSU campus below.

BSU Office Supply Order Form

Complete the Central Receiving office supply order form to place an order for printer and copier paper, interoffice envelopes and batteries.

Ordering Office Supplies Outside of BSU

The following contract sources are available for ordering office supplies online, as well as other office related equipment and furniture:

MinnState Marketplace Innovative Office Solutions Contract Catalog

This contract catalog is available in Marketplace for purchasing via Purchase Order. Pricing does vary from the State of MN Innovative Office Supply where we can purchase via p-cards.

State of MN Innovative Office Solutions Contract

You will need a contract login-in and a p-card to place an order under this contract. Pricing does vary from the contract used in Marketplace.

If you do not have a log-in, please register on-line.

You may use either a p-card or purchase order with this contract vendor.

E & I Cooperative Services Staples Advantage Contract

You will need a log-in and a p-card to place an order.

To obtain a contract log-in, contact our rep to request one:

Letterhead, Envelopes and Business Cards

Departments may purchase business cards, letterhead and envelopes according to specifications from Communications & Marketing and following the same purchasing and quote guidelines as for all other purchases.

How to Order Name Tags

Departments may purchase name tags according to specifications from Communications & Marketing.

  1. Identify the individual’s, including their title and/or department for any name tags you need to order.
  2. Determine if any of these name tags will need to be created using the dual BSU/NTC logos.
  3. Send an email to for a quote, giving names, titles and areas of each person getting a name tag, including if they need a single logo or dual logo.
  4. Once you have received a quote, go to Marketplace and start a non-catalog requisition using vendor #H550000000-002. Address should come up as 1111 Hwy. 73, Moose Lake, MN 55767-9449. Object Code 3000; Commodity Code 44120000.
  5. Once you receive the proofs from the sign shop, review for edits or changes, fill out as appropriate and return to the sign shop, even if you don’t have a PO yet.
  6. Once you received the PO, send an email to the sign shop with the proof sheet that now includes the PO so that the name tags can be made and sent.
  7. Upon receipt of the name tags, create a receipt in Marketplace and send the invoices to Accounts Payable, Box 5 or via email

Sample Name Tag Quote.pdf