Please try to send your mail out early in the week if possible and avoid waiting until Friday. A large volume of outgoing mail on Friday may result in some mail not going out until the following Monday. Also, Bulk Mail arriving at the Bemidji Post Office after 3 p.m. Friday will not go out until the next business day, which would be Monday.

  1. Outgoing mail is delivered to the USPS daily at 3:30 p.m. This includes Express, Registered, Insured, Certified, Priority Mail, metered mail and mail affixed with postage stamps.
  2. Departments must prepare mail with a complete address. All domestic mail must have a proper ZIP Code.
  3. All foreign mail must indicate the country of destination, in English, as the last line in the address.
  4. All university mail must have a Bemidji State University return address, or it will be returned to the department. Plain envelopes must have a departmental name below the University’s return address. Exceptions must be cleared through Mailing Services.
  5. Any official University Mail expected to have U.S. postage computed and affixed by Mailing Services should have the barcoded postage authorization card securely attached. If that is not available, an account number must be provided.
  6. Do not apply stamps to university mail. Mailing Services will utilize the centralized metering service to affix the correct postage amount on all official campus mail based on the appropriate mail classification. Exceptions must be cleared through Mailing Services.
  7. Departments may purchase stamps for emergency mailings which occur after business hours and weekends. These stamps will be charged back to your department cost center. Mailing Services also offers postal and carrier cash services to the campus community. You can purchase stamps and send packages up to 16 oz via the U.S. Postal Service. UPS and Federal Express services are also available.
  8. Departments must sort and separately bundle mail for pickup by Mailing Services into the following categories. Bundles must be 4 inches or less.
    • Campus Mail
    • International Mail
    • First Class letters by size
    • Post Cards
    • Flat-sized pieces
    • Postage Pre-paid or pre-stamped
  9. Envelopes must be properly faced, nested (flap over flap) and bundled or the mailing will be returned to the department for proper preparation.
    NOTE – Envelopes over 1/4 inch in thickness must be sealed before being brought to the mail room due to the machine’s inability to seal these envelopes efficiently. Envelopes with metal clasps are no longer allowed by the Post Office.
  10. Any class of mail received after 2:00 p.m. may not be processed until the next workday.
  11. Any permit imprint pieces that are to be mailed as First Class must have a white label covering the permit imprint.