Courier Service

The deadline for courier service drop-off at the mailroom is 2 p.m.

This is a high premium service and should be utilized only when there is a bona fide priority need for immediate delivery.

  1. You must provide a label for each piece showing the complete and correct street address for delivery by the courier. A post office box number cannot be used in the address. Couriers deliver directly to the addressee and will not deliver to a U.S. Post Office box number.
  2. The University currently uses a state contract with Federal Express for overnight and second day service, therefore use of other overnight courier services should be avoided. Please contact Mailing Services, extension 3922, for labels
  3. UPS is also available at BSU, simply address the package; fill out a Postage Authorization Form and the amount of insurance required; and place it with your outgoing mail.

BSU postage authorization form