BSU Printing Services Location and Hours

Hours: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Location: Deputy 210
Phone: (218) 755-3922


Only specialty print jobs should be sent to Printing Services. This includes:

  • Jobs on paper larger than 11×17
  • Jobs that need binding, cutting or folding
  • EXTREMELY large jobs (jobs that would take multiple hours or days to complete on a departmental printer)

The Printing Request Form must be submitted to at least 5 days before you need the job completed.

All jobs must be properly formatted. Printing Services will print jobs “as is” and will not alter them in any way.

Paper Orders

Contact to purchase specialty paper including legal, ledger or colored paper. Include a cost center.

Contact if you need standard 8.5×11 paper. Include a cost center for tracking purposes (you will not be charged).

Printing on Campus

All standard print jobs, both color and black & white, should be sent to department printers, preferably a Toshiba MFD. This includes jobs that need stapling.

If your department Toshiba MFD is not color, view the current list of available printers.To learn how to add a printer, go to: Add a printer in Windows 10

  • Most Toshiba MFDs are equipped with staplers. To learn how to staple, go to: How to staple on a Toshiba MFD.
  • The Toshiba MFDs have nearly all the same advanced features as the print shop MFDs. You can access them by going to Print and then Printer Properties.
  • The Toshiba MFDs can print up to paper size 11×17. Request printer support if you need to change the type or size of paper in your paper tray.

If you need technical assistance, IT is happy to help! Go to Request Printer Support for help. Or visit our Knowledge Base, enter the word “Print” in the search box and explore many articles on printing.

Printing Services Price List — Campus Chargebacks

These prices reflect the BSU Account Chargeback Rates per page. Charge-back rates will no longer be tiered. Regardless of where you print to, you will be charged the same per page rate.

Type of Paper 8 1/2 x 11 8 1/2 x 14 11 x 17
Black and white copies on 20# bond (white or color bond) $0.04 $0.05 $0.06
Astroparche $0.025 $0.035 $0.045
Carbonless $0.035 NA NA
Fiber $0.025 $0.035 $0.045
Index Stock $0.055 $0.08 $0.105
Velum $0.025 $0.035 $0.045
Color Copies Per Impression $0.15 $0.20 $0.25


  • B/W Transparency — $0.50 Each
  • Color Transparency — $1.00 Each
Finishing Service Cost
Stapling No Charge
Cutting No Charge
Folding $1.00 per hundred
Plastic Comb Binding $0.55 per set
Tape Binding $0.55 per set
Padding $0.25 ($2.00 Minimum)